In order to take part in the high ropes, one must fulfill the participation conditions and respect the following safety regulations :


This high ropes course is not guided. It is supervised by facilitators from the ADVENTURE FOREST team, apart from the kiddies’ course which is left to the parents’ supervision.

  • Anyone under 18 must show a parent authorization.
  • The minimum heights to access the course go as follows:
  • Kiddies’ course: between 1 m and 1,20 m
  • Juniors’ course: between 1,20 m and 1,40 m
  • Adults’ course: 1,40 m minimum
  • One must not present any contraindications to the practice of this sport (fear of heights, etc…).
  • Any loss of equipement will be charged.



It is compulsory : 

  • to wear the provided equipment (harness handed out by an ADVENTURE FOREST supervisor)
  • to use the self-belaying equipment by utilizing at least one of the two carabiners of the harness
  • to respect the space between the participants: one person per challenge, and a maximum of two people per platform
  • to avoid any dangerous behaviour as this might lead to the exclusion from the course
  • to stay on the marked paths when walking below the challenges
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere on the course.

These safety rules will be presented to you by an Adventure Forest supervisor after you have been equiped with the harness: as the high ropes course is not guided, you are responsible for the strict application of these rules.


  • Don’t keep anything on you that may fall (telephone, sun-glasses, purse…)
  • Tie your hair if long (as it may get stuck in the pulleys)
  • Tie your glasses with a string
  • Wear at least a pair of shorts and a T-shirt (going bare-chested is not recommended), and sports shoes.